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An Onion is The Best Way to Season GrillGrates

An Onion is The Best Way to Season GrillGrates We love it when customers  (in this case a Chef) share grate ideas, techniques and cooks with us.   Chef James related how he seasoned his new GrillGrates with a halved onion.  He also shared the science behind it

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Remembering Dad at his Grill and Me By His Side

Last week I blogged about memories of my DAD.  I talked about his passion for grilling and his gift to me of my first grill, a Weber Kettle. I remember hanging out with my Dad at the grill every time he grilled. It was our place and

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GrillGrates: VIAGRA for the Grill!

That statement is not a Bradism, that quote comes from Sterling Ball aka Big Poppa of Big Poppa Smokers. Big Poppa Smokers is a new entrant to the BBQ world and he’s coming in with gusto. The company is born from Sterling’s passion for better grilling and

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Update: Tips for Getting the Most out of your GrillGrates

Twist First, Flip Second: It only took me 30 years to learn this one! Get killer sear marks and only turn the food once. Mike Mills from 17th Street Bar & Grill showed me how the restaurants do it. Lift the food, twist (i.e.from 10:00 to 2:00)

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I have bacon envy!

Who knew that a NY times story about a well Stumbled Upon video would create a net sensation. A recipe called bacon explosion is a massive culinary masterpiece much like the Coronary ByPass Burger at the VORTEX. But the internet buzz and traffic it created is much

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18th of June 2019 12:22 PM Link
Congratulations to the 3 winners of our #GrateDad contest! We hope you enjoy your GrillGrate bucks!
#GrillGrate #GrillingLifestyle #GrillingGreatness
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17th of June 2019 06:58 PM Link
Are you hip to AlbuKirky Seasonings yet? If not you should be. A taste of the southwest in a bottle!
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17th of June 2019 03:00 PM Link
Did you get Dad any Wagyu for Father's Day?

Our friend Ricer from Dead Brook BBQ Wisconsin was lucky enough to have his boys cook him up some Wagyu Burgers, and they even knew to use #GrillGrates to prevent flare-ups, smart kids!

We hope all the #GrateDads out there had a great day!
17th of June 2019 11:47 AM Link
For all you new GrillGrate owners - we recommend using an onion to season your grates. There's actually a really interesting science to why it works.

Read the blog here:
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13th of June 2019 08:02 PM Link
NEW PRODUCT ALERT! For the dad who smokes...his food 😉 "The Smoking Pouch by The Smokist" available in our store now! The fine mesh 304 stainless steel limits the airflow into the pouch so the wood smolders slowly infusing delicious smoke flavor into food while it’s grilled. Fill the pouch with your favorite wood chips or wood pellets! Just in time for Father's Day!