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Steak Tips From The Pros

Steak Grilling Tips From The Champs!

Every griller worth his salt and pepper is on a life-long quest to grill the perfect steak. To some it has even become a competitive sport, with steak competitions popping up all over the US and Canada offering big prize money to winners. Imagine winning $4000 for the best steak? That is the payout from the upcoming World Championship Steak Cookoff held every year in Magnolia, Arkansas on the third Saturday in May.

Chef Shane
1. Shane Vaughan, President of Ecommerce for Snake River Farms:
When selecting your steak to cook, focus on finding one with the best marbling possible. Marbling is the small rivulets of fat that run throughout a steak and are what give it it’s buttery texture and outstanding flavor. More marbling equals a better steak! Don’t cook your steak beyond medium done or you’ll be over-cooking the marbling and negating the flavor it brings to the overall eating experience.



2. Brett Gallaway, USA Cookteam 2011 World Champion:
You have to know your grill and meat temperatures. Grilling steaks happens hot and fast and requires precise timing. An instant read thermometer is a must. Grill steak to a target internal temperature and not by the clock. I use a laser thermometer to measure the cooking grate temperature too. I want the GrillGrate to be at least 600F.




3. Johnny Joseph, Milam Cook Team 2008 World Champion: I wet my steaks with a special marinade first, then I put my rub on so it dissolves the rub and doesn’t wash it off. The steaks go wet on the grill for a hot and fast grilling.





4. Ernest Servantes, 2012 Food Network Chopped Grill Masters Champion: You’ve got to have those killer diamond sear marks. Diamonds are a grills best friend. People eat with their eyes first and a perfectly seared steak sets off the senses. I lift and twist the steak before turning to get perfect diamond sear marks. Beautiful presentation sets the stage for that first cut.




5. Monte Brown, Trash Can Cookers 2013 World Champion: I grill using a process called the reverse sear. First I cook the steak at 225F to slowly bring the internal temperature up, then I remove the steak and get the grill very hot for the final sear. Just a couple of minutes a side to sear and darken the outside. The steak will be medium to medium rare.



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